A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you were all able to spend some time this weekend with with people you care about doing things you enjoy. We had a wonderful weekend here at the farm.
Bonnie the mini has settled in and is letting Kody think he is the boss for now. She hardly moves off when he charges at her now and he only gets cranky if he is sure she is getting or is about to get something better than he is.  Farmer J had a chance to give her a long thorough brushing and the only reason Kody didn’t spaz out was because he was in the next yard over in belly high grass. He hardly looked up from his dinner plate.

Friday after work we were able to get our alpaca’s sheared. They will be shipping out sometime in the next week or two to a different farm down in Duvall but we thought it best to get them sheared before their trip. Not exactly the cute little teddy bears the y were a few days ago. We are not bursting out laughing when we see them any more, but still chuckle. I can’t really tell if their pride is wounded but they sure look a lot cooler than they were before they got sheared.
Adam saw more of the back end of the push mower this weekend than he has in the past three weeks put together. Crazy what grass will do with a little rain and sun! He managed to keep on his toes enough not to kill any of the baby rabbits in a nest in the back yard! (yes there is a good reason the grass over there didn’t get cut!) We snapped a few quick shots and tried to get them shooed back into their nest (kind of like herding cats, or three year olds for that matter).


Farmers B & J were able to watch the babies later running around with their mommy from our window. We ended the weekend with a wonderful hot dog and marshmallow roast in the back yard.

We hope you had as good a time as we did this weekend!

Till next time!


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