We have babies!

It sure doesn’t feel like mid June. Almost an inch of rain in the past two days. The winter horse yard ankle deep in mud (hello February) and a fire in the fireplace. No kidding, a fire for warmth in June….

Other than the weather it seems like spring. We have little ones coming out our ears! Two of our Indian Runner ducks started sitting on eggs under the chicken coop (a safe place I suppose).  Farmer J rescued a little duck from some friends (no surprise there) and he needed a friend (again not a surprise, and we couldn’t take the “coop ducklings” away from their momma could we?). So she picked up a friend for him. So for folks who were not going to get ducklings this year we have 6 little quackers running around. Cute though!

And the birdhouse set on the horses loafing shed has a pair of swallows busy gathering up bits of yarn, horse hair and chicken feathers for their little ones! Natural fly predators! We are hoping for lots and lots of hungry babies! I can’t tell if the bat house on the coop has any residents yet. But I am hoping!

I will leave you with a shot of some of the “girls”, our laying hens enjoying what might some day turn into sunshine. Oh, and what is it they are standing on you might ask? That would be the goose “tractor” with Tolouse our tolouse goose sitting on a clutch of eggs. I tried to get a photo of her on her nest but she took my camera and beat me over the head with it. Kind of protective are mother geese.


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