Honey, Honey, Honey!

We have Honey!  We finally got the hives moved back up from Duvall last week and re-installed in our orchard.  The move went fine, although I had my doubts.  The problem was that I didn’t fancy the idea of showing up in Duvall at about 5 in the morning to load the bees and then drive back up to Stanwood, to unload the bees and then drive back to Duvall for work.  4 hours of driving, before starting work.  Not if I can help it.

Instead I took the opportunity to test out my knowledge of Bees!  I got to the bees before dawn, and got them all buttoned up for travel.  Screened top, screen in the entrance and strapped to an appliance hand truck.  Then into the garage at the shop!  Lights off, and hope they stay put!  Then it was a full day of work.  Checking on them every few hours.  It was cool enough, and with the lights off they did not even try their front door.  After work, I loaded them onto the truck and ran them home.

Then a few days later I pulled the super off the hive and brought it into the house.  Farmer B had a blast helping spin the handle, and it was truly a challenge to keep her out of the honey bucket.  She even helped save a wayward honey bee who had hitched a ride into the house in the supper!

We only got about 30 pounds of honey this year.  Much better than last year (nothing), but not as good as our first year.  If I remember right, almost 250#.  We hope to have some labeled for sale in the next few weeks.  However we do need to work up some new labels.

Farmer Jon helped too!  It looks like they will have more honey this year from their hives, but he didn’t have the problems with swarming that I did.

For those interested our honey will be available for $5 per lb. until it’s gone!  Most of the floral source for this years harvest came from locust trees, so the honey is very delicate and light colored.  Yummy!



One thought on “Honey, Honey, Honey!

  1. anne marie

    yum!! let us know when it’s ready! 🙂
    and, did I hear correctly that you are expecting a new addition? when will brih be a big sister??


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