Making room / We are going to miss you girls!

We said goodbye today to three of our goats.  It was in a way sad.  Little B was saying on the way home that she wanted her “goaties back at our house”.  Now before you start thinking that we are nothing but heartless farmers, let me explain.  Last year we got two pygoras.  Crechendo & Legato.  Then we went to get one more little buckling from a breeder in Snohomish.  We came home with four adorable little fur balls (more fiber goats!).  Then we got two Oberhaslies from a some friends.  Buck (Buckwheat) and Aggie (Agapanthus) came to live with us, bringing the hope of fresh goat milk someday soon.

It didn’t take us too long to figure out that fiber goats are not really our thing.  As much as Joscelyn wants to she just doesn’t have time to spin and knit.  And imagine what a nice angora sweater looks like (and smells like) after running around outside all winter..

So we finally decided that if we are going to grow our goat heard, it is going to be in the dairy direction.  With that decision made we looked at the fiber goats we currently had.  If we were going to thin our heard, it made the most sense to find a home for the goats that we got as more of a “whim” rather than with a plan.  Cyan, Mocha & Latte are sweet, slightly shy and very cute Pygora’s.

We ran some ads in some on-line forums, as well as at the local feed stores.  It took three weeks and a wonderful lady who lives in Bow Washington called us and wanted to come by and see the goats.  She is taking a class on spinning and yarn making.  She has a wonderful farm-in-the-making.  Very much like ours.  We can tell that the girls are going to be really well taken care of!  All the friendly critters that she currently has are well friendly, even the bunny who is currently residing in her bathroom!  (we had to explain to our little farmer that having a bunny in her bathroom was probably not the best idea, as Murphy (our Lab) has a thing for chasing rabbits.

So here are the three we said a sad but hopeful goodbye to.

We will miss you, and know that you will like it where you are now!

-farmer Adam


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