Care of the land…

I spotted this last night on one of the Conservation Districts quarterly newsletters.  We had one of the farm planners come out to walk through our place with us and help us work on a “farm plan”.  It’s kind of a term paper for what we are doing or want to do with our property.  Amanda was really helpful and we are excited to keep working on some of the goals Joscelyn and I have for our place.  So back to the newsletter, this is what I read that grabbed my attention.

“When we see land as a
community to which we
belong, we may begin to
use it with love and
– Aldo Leopold

I have not read a ton of A.L.’s writing but do remember the environmental stewardship thread that ran through most of what I do remember from college.  With the world seeming to fall in on itself financially, and socially it seems like many people are looking for a community.  Facebook, Church, Work, or something else is more important than ever (ok maby not facebook).  It’s the sense of security that a group of people who are in it together feel.

That’s part of what I am hoping this blog grows into.  I hope to have useful links and info, for full blown farmers, backyard farmers, and people who care about their food.  Also, to chronicle our journey down the path to leaving the little bit of earth that God has placed in our care in better shape than when we began our stewardship of it.

Here’s to the land



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