Thanks Giving in review

Well it’s all over now.  Even the over-suffed-triptophan induced coma.  Now all that’s left is a massive pile of memories.  And a bunch of left overs.  I promised no pre-slaughter shots.  But most of us saw at least one well done turkey last Thursday.  And I am more than just a little blown away at what grew up at our farm this summer.  There were three hens and one tom.  The hens, all ready for the oven were weighed in at 25# each!  The tom, was huge!  43#  And Nanna did a bang up job with the bird!  2 am to put the bird in the oven and in only 9 hours, he was done to a tee!  We hardly needed a knife to carve him up!  So here’s the cook, and the bird!




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