All I want for Christmas..

Christmas is coming up quickly.  Very quickly.  We are hardly done with the #43 turkey and the tree is going up this weekend!  We had a blast getting it.  Up to the mountains again, what fun!  If I hadn’t tried to fly down the back steps I would not have been quite so sore, and probably would have had a little more fun.  None the less.  I think what I would like this year is a little bit more time.  Time at work, (so I don’t have to explain why I am leaving late for home again), More time on the Farm (so I can actually finish a project or two).  Most of all I want to have more time with my family.  People change so fast.  I feel like every time we all get together I get to remember what folks were up to last time I saw them.  It’s never the same.

I guess perhaps time management is what I need to yearn for.  Or focus.  Either way, I am enjoying all that God is blessing us with at the moment.  And as much as I have a long list of crazy things in my head that I think I want.  When life really starts to feel like an out of control chainsaw, I crave quiet time with my family.

So here is one of the items on my list.  Just like I see it in my dreams…  Just so you all know I am not putting on aires.  I figure, dream big…

Ain’t she purdy?



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