Only 10 more yards to end zone!

Sports analogies are always a stretch for me.  My dad pointed out that most people choke with the last few steps of a project.  Kind of like getting into the “red zone” in football and auguring in.  I sure hope I can jump, or at least get pushed across the line.  We “finished” the roof on the coop.  Finished as in, all the flat roofing is on (no trim yet).  The roof is not leaking.  They hay is dry.  But it ain’ pritty.  It needs all the trimmings that elevate it from “red-neck construction” to “we know what we are doing, or at least fake it really well”.  Photos will follow along with the full story.  Let’s just say it’s not the first time I have been workin on it in the lower 40’s with a driving rain, and marveling at how the wind cuts right through a soaking wet cotton t-shirt and  sweat shirt.  Burr is an understatement.


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