Hoofs Trimmed

Well, we finally connected with our farrier yesterday. Our horses have needed their hoofs trimmed for a good ling time. It was nice to work on dirt too, not the mud we have been wading through for the last few months. I think of the rain here the way I think they think of snow in Alaska “summer is 3 months of bad sledding”. Oh well. Here are the left overs, if you think dogs shed, you should come brush Bonnie, our mini.

The sky looked wonderful tonight too (considering we were supposed to have rain).

And if you want a cool analog (film) shot of some grass, take a look at my photography blog. It’s over here!



2 thoughts on “Hoofs Trimmed

  1. emily

    I have to comment on the Alaska bit. I live in interior Alaska and we have the most perfect summers if I do say so myself. Mostly in the seventies, we do see some eighties and nineties. It is never too hot or muggy like it is elsewhere and we have lots of direct sun and long days. Our growing season is short, but the time we have is intense with our long days. I would have to be dragged away from an Alaskan summer, kicking and screaming. By the way, I have a nine month old and a three year old…congratulations on your new little one, enjoyed the wrinkly little feet picture. Emily

    1. photobby Post author

      I mean no harm! We have family in Eagle River and some good friends in Anchorage as well. It is one of two or three states that I have not been to but would love to visit. I am sure it’s like the Puget Sound, the summers make up for the winters. (Rain all winter, green all summer). I read the book “One Man’s Wilderness” a few years ago and it only confirmed what I find so fascinating about Alaska. Richard Proenneke‘s story made me want to sell the farm and move. (My wife talked me out of that)


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