Newest arrival at the farm.

It’s been quiet here lately.  On the farm blog that is.  Over here too.  Not to fear, the animals are still getting fed, although I have no idea when the garden will go in.  You see we’ve been nesting (well Farmer Joscelyn has anyhow).  And for good reason.  Last week after a wonderfully short labor Little Farmer B got her baby sister.  Little Farmer L is doing well, as is mom, sister and dad.  Here is a shot of some of the little parts that I love about babies.  So tiny.  Needless to say we have been focused on the new one.


6 thoughts on “Newest arrival at the farm.

  1. howlingduckranch

    What a beautiful photo! And congrats on the new baby sister…Just found my way to your blog via Eby Farm. I’m going to get a cup of coffee and enjoy perusing.

    cheers, HDR

    1. photobby Post author

      Thanks much! It’s been a bit hectic with the new one, still getting the critters fed, but we are just now starting to get the wheels rolling on all the projects again…. I hope to post more this summer!

  2. Jon

    Now those are some of the prettiest feed I’ve seen in ages. May they be blessed…and a blessing…with every step they take. And may they always be guided from above.


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