Fit to burst!

Just a quick one today.  Some of the dahlias are just about to burst.  I over-mulched them, so I don’t know how many will really get rolling on their bloom cycle.  I started dumping horse apples on them in December when it started to get really cold.  It looked kind of like a long mole hill all winter and spring.  My better half figured I had killed all of them, but this spring their tops started pushing through the little apples, and I swear you could hear them grow!  One side advantage of the over-mulching.  Even though we have not had rain for three weeks, I have not had to water them once.  The top 4″ of “mulch” is bone dry, but under that, it’s nice and moist.  My biggest complaint last summer was trying to keep the dahlias from looking like sun burned lettuce.  Move the hose in the morning, and again at night.  Water water everywhere…  I am hoping to dig them this fall and have potted dahlias to offer next year for sale!



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