Sugar, time, sugar, time, little orage peels, more time and… sugar.

Basically that’s it. For Candied Orange peels. Come Christmas time, I get into the kitchen for candy making. My bride takes care of all the baking (I tried this year, to bake come cookies, and again, we know why it’s her job). She calls me the “candy man” though. I get to stir hot pots of boiling sugar water, to make (primarily) Candied Orange Peels and Eastern Butter Crunch. Just typing the names gives me the sugar jitters. And making them pushes me further into full blown diabetes. The EBC is kind of a quick, looooong thing, not so conducive to shooting. The Candied Orange Peels are however. So please pardon my poor lighting on these quick grab shots, half the fun was shooting all of this with available light (it still blows my mind shooting at iso 2000 and getting an image as clean as these are).


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