Moonlighting. My version here? Well hop in the “not so far back” machine and let’s take a spin. About three years ago back. January. Freezin’ cold. Beautiful clear nights and a full moon.

I planted all but two or three of our fruit trees in our orchard by moonlight. It was just easier. With the little bi-ped and so much else going on it just made sense. I had gotten about 18 bare root fruit trees for Christmas and had a lot of fun planting them in the dark, by moonlight. No sound but the shovel, and the creek in the woods behind me. Most of the trees have done very well. We lost a couple of apples this last winter (no idea why) but the rest are doing really well. No spray or chemicals, and my motto is “if I have to baby it, it’s going to die and I will replace it with something more robust..”

Clarification: the above photo is of one of the trees that was planted by the light of the moon three years ago.

This photo was shot in the afternoon (although the dark background probably makes it look like night)


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