Wagon Wheels

One of the names we considered for our farm when we moved in was “iron wheel farm”.  There were four or five of these old steel wagon wheels.  They are about 3′ tall and weigh a ton.

One of the challenges I have had is trying to figure out how to move animal shelters around the property.  Without a proper tractor, ti’s a bit of a no-go, but I think with a bit of re-design work, I might be able to incorporate two or four of these wheels in a coop or loafing shed design and make it something I can drag behind our riding mower.

To say the solution has been kind of staring me in the face is a bit of an understatement.  If I can work out the details this could be a real boon.  I am part of the way complete on a new coop and would be able to move it around the pasture.  With a little bit of electroplastic netting from Premier 1 Supply I cold put the chickens out to pasture in the orchard or garden (to scratch up bugs and spread fertilizer.  If this all works out you can be sure there will be photos following!


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