Succession Planting

Succession Planting.  The process of planting a similar or same crop in intervals to allow continued harvest all season long.  For me, it’s re-planting the cucumbers for the 4th time that keep getting nailed by the slugs.  Urg.  Normally I have a live and let live mantra with slugs.  My eldest has an oddly warm spot in her heart for them.  “Daddy look!  Don’t run over the slug on the driveway!” from the back seat.  I swear she has slug radar.

When I have company slugs get “airlifted” into a big patch of brush about 40′ (or as far as I can throw) from the garden.  When I am operating in solo it’s a different story.  It’s rather stunning how quickly a slug will eviscerate from the light brush of a razor sharp knife.  Quick, clean, no touch.  And in a very macabre way, satisfying.  So when it’s time to lock up the hens for the night.  The sharpest knife I can get my hands on always goes with me.  MuHaHaHaHa!!!

Here is planting #3 just before they got slimed.  #4 didn’t get this far, and I have #5 surrounded by “slugbarbwire” ie. bare copper wire.  Better than any slug bait out there.  Wish me luck.  I have several jars of pickles riding on a cuke crop this year….


5 thoughts on “Succession Planting

  1. Doris Maertz

    I think copper and/or sulfur would be able to back off the slugs.
    you can order copper sulphate from the front porch in Sultan or perhaps you may find Bordeaux copper at the nursery. Parasite infestation is a symptom of copper and sulfur deficiency. Gypsum also has sulfur in it. Lowes carries in the nursery. That’s too much work for no reward, gotta back off the slugs!!

    1. photobby Post author

      Normally I put rings of copper wire around plants that are prone to slug damage. Or the copper foil used in the stained glass industry. That’s been 100% in the places that I have used it. It’s just been quirky that the slugs are targeting the cukes, skipping all the other stuff… Thanks for the suggestions!!

  2. Nicole Kramer

    No mercy for slugs in my yard. I use a multi-pronged approach including a periodic light sprinkling of Sluggo (OMRI-approved iron phosphate), copper rings, beer traps and the old headlamp and sharp scissors at night! One snip and they are satisfyingly split open – dark, I know, but I lose too many seedlings to those monsters! Other pests I tolerate, even aphids to some extend, but no room for slugs in my heart.

  3. Walter Jeffries

    I love succession planting. A fundamental strategy not to just having extended harvests but even getting harvests since sometimes the frost or something fools me. Once I get started planting in the spring I work to plant something every week, where I harvested, in a new area or under other plantings.

    1. Adam Stevens

      Thanks for dropping in Walter! Typically I only do two or three plantings of any one thing, unless the slugs/frost etc nail the first set. It also seems to help with weed control, to keep the soil shaded as much as possible (but I suppose that’s more like inter-planting.


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