Hey! Hay’s in the barn!

I get teased (for good reason) for my spelling.

Also for my impulsiveness.  But that has it’s advantages.  Like the other day, driving through Sylvana.  I spotted a “free hay” sign.  After a few quick calls and a stop at the house to get into more appropriate cloths, my brother in law and I loaded up about 30 first cuttings.  Now probably 6 felt like there was a good sized dog in them.  They got left out of the barn.  In fact one of them was cooking at about 150′ by 10:00 that night.  It was free because it had gotten wet, then dried and re-cured before being bailed.  Some of it’s probably OK for the goats, lots will end up as bedding, and mulch.  And if the money train runs off the tracks, well that’s what the goats will get this winter…  And no, the barn still isn’t painted.  (I would hate to disturb the swallows)


2 thoughts on “Hey! Hay’s in the barn!

    1. photobby Post author

      Ah yes! I use Tweet-deck (it has spell check) but that doesn’t always keep me from making a fool of myself!! (Fire Fox has some spell check tools too…) Mobile updates are always a gamble.


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