What A Crazy Summer…

The summer. Has been a blur. I jumped into the blog this afternoon and was flabbergasted, that it’s been almost a month. The “short hiatus” I had given myself had grown… And Internet, I am sorry. It will get better. It must. For I have missed you. There is something cathartic about blogging. And shortly I will need this.

The following frames are from our family trip to the fair this summer. Her hair is a bit shorter now. Swim lessons didn’t do it any favors. And our lives will be on pins and needles a bit next week as well. We are hoping that some of her long term health issues will be resolved at the end, but any time a parent hears “hospital stay” their nails get short and their blood pressure goes up. As if raising girls doesn’t give me enough gray hair.

If we are friends on Facebook, I’ll be updating there… And probably blogging for therapy here…

(do you see the blue dart? the balloon didn’t see it coming :pop:)


2 thoughts on “What A Crazy Summer…

  1. Ginger

    Wonderful pictures, Adam. I’ll be praying for her as she goes into surgery. What a relief it will be to all of you to have her get the help she needs.


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