Almost done with the harvest…

No photos.  Funny how that’s the first thing I have to say.  Lots going on though.  The green pumpkins might have enough color on them by Thanksgiving to look pretty.

We still have some basil to “pesto-fy”, and hopefuly the stretch of nice weather will give me a chance to get the potatoes dug, dry and bagged.  There are some carrots and beets that will live in the ground for the winter (or until we pull them out to much on).  We had our fist trial of beans come in this last week.  Cranberry’s that produced these really pretty red and green pods.  The ones that had a chance to dry on the vine were good to store right away, however with the wet of the fall here, I pulled the rest as well.  They all got shelled, and spread on cookie sheets to dry.  All in all we have about a quart to play with this winter.  If they get a 50% thumbs up, we will put in a good big patch of them for next year.

The corn ended up being a bit of a bust.  The pop-corn I planted didn’t tassel out much, and the sweet corn kind of got a one two punch from the pumpkins and winter squash, and like glass jaw Joe, went down.  All in we have about 8 cups frozen.  The tiger pumpkins are doing well, but the big Jack-o-lanters are just starting to think of turning orange.  Plans are already underway for next years “free range” pumpkins and squash.

There are still some purple Provider beans to put up, and we had about 60# of apples find their way into our kitchen.  I was also able to score some tomato’s from my dad’s farm, and with the cabbage that is starting to look like the worms might have found it, should make some good soup.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

We also managed to find a fellow up in Rexville who had some Royal Palm hens he was willing to part with!  So we brough home three.  They will have a nice long life here (unless one of them is another tom, then it’s freezer time).  We hope to be able to have turkeys to put up next year for ourselves, and possibly sell (as in the babies, from the hens.  And our tom’s “Duke” and “Earl”).  We will see how that goes.

I’ll have some photos up, once I slow down.  You can hit up what I’ve been pointing my camera to at my photography blog (, and if you want follow me on twitter (@adalynfarm) or on Facebook…


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