It’s coming…

All of it.  Like a freight train on a downhill slope.  Spring.

The chick weed is starting to get new growth on it in the garden, the dandelions are getting bushy, and the deadline for package bees is fast approaching.  The goats look like if it were up to them, they would have these babies NOW.  With a quick clip for the births, they look like they sat in a bucket of Nair.  I’m trying not to laugh.  ‘Gatti’ is bagging up, and looks like a little mini dairy goat.  ‘Crazy-Chendo’ is in strong denial.  She even turned away when I showed her the ‘birthing tote’ all ready with the hopefully unnecessary items.  So did Farmer J.  “Yes I know my hands are smaller than yours, but it doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to it”.

I’m trying to track down a supplier for a couple of packages of bees to install in my hives in Duvall in Mid April.  I’m hoping for Carniolans, but really, any bee will do.

The order went into Territorial Seed last week…  More stuff that we proved this winter we will indeed eat.  Now to wait for that last April Frost that ticked me off so bad last year…  Oh, and fill the cold frames with compost in the mean time for some earlier greens…  (oh and the berries… yes the berries)

“Chicks are in”.  If you are anywhere near a farm store that’s what you’ll see..  And we have some crazy big hopes for this year.  Replacement layers, meat birds (heritage breed) and in another 8 weeks or so, some turkey polts.  That also means in another three or four months we will be having a ‘processing day’.

Oh and the mower won’t start…  Grr.  That’s going to be an issue here shortly.


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