Compromise. Or “Family, Faith, Work & Bonhoeffer’s wrench”


Yea.  Like that.  Only while trying not to get hit on Hwy 2.

So, I work my 40-50 hrs for an electrical contractor who’s office is about an hour from the farm.  That gives me some time to think.  About two hours a day.  And to talk on the phone (hello blue tooth).  I’ve been listening to audio books, podcasts, and music as I am not a fan of broadcast radio.  And don’t even get me started on talk radio.  For lent I gave up on secular audio during my commute, don’t laugh.  Try giving up a two hour block of TV during prime time, there you get the idea.  For about three days I listened happily to music that met the restrictions.  And for some reason that got old.  In stepped Bonhoeffer.  “Cost of Discipleship”.

Each commute home usually starts with a call home ‘anything to pick up on the way, yes I know i’m late getting away, no I forgot to stop by the (fill in the blank) on they way in….’  Usuially there is some discussion of what is important and what is critical, and what we want to get done in the (not growing YEA SPRING) daylight once I get home ( I dare you to find one item that fits in all three lists.  Go on, try.  Yea, I didn’t think so).

After that short discussion I spool up Dietrich and try to get my mind around what he is tossing at me.  I find my self doing a lot of ‘well yea, you are probably right D’.  The ‘scary’ part is what that will mean in application to my life.  And I am alone in the car, the people it would affect the most are not part of the one sided conversation.  There’s an angle that needs some work.

Compromise?  Yea.  And that’s thanks to a blogging friend from Kansas.  She hit me up a few days ago for some tips on event photography.  I thought a lot about compromise when I was answering her questions.  Photography is all about compromise.  Faith and spirituality?  Not so much.  Er, sorry there Dietrich, Not at all.

Here’s a illustration of the kind of photographic compromise I can get my mind around.  Cute shot (I think).  Exposure is where I want it (as in ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed all getting along well), focus is where I want it as well (drawing the eye to the little biped in the road) and composition is, well.  A compromise.  I wish the bike wasn’t in the frame.  I like where the big sister is (background coming to check on the little one), and love the moment.  Hands full of new discovery and full of wonder.  Arg the BIKE!!  If I physically move it, I will not be able to capture the candid moment.  I can move to my left to get it out of the frame but that will wreck the composition.  I could photoshop it out…. Yea, cause I would rather do that than play with them, or do about a billion other things.  So there  you go.  Great shot with a bike in the background…

I can handle it.  And it’s one of my favorite shots from that day…  If you have kids you know it’s a game of compromise.  As we like to say, “pick your battles”.  Cause we love them too much to argue.  Christ probably has the same POV on us.  Ever feel like telling your kids “if you would just do as I say, everything would be so much easier!!!”  Ever wonder if God’s saying the same thing to us?  Yea, I’ve been getting a lot of that lately.

So in a way, to cut down on the compromise, changes that were planned in the photographic beat are getting shelved.  Farming is changing it’s directive and mission.  And we (the Adalyn Farm WE) are doing some soul searching.  And as life throws us curve after curve we will be leaning into our Faith.  Farmer J will be going under the knife on the 20th (no April fools there) for some intestinal surgery that will hopefully keep her from another stay in the hospital.  I’ll spare you all the details but to quote the doc “you have the intestines of an 80 year old”.  Prayers would be appreciated.  We have loads of family and friends who came around us for our adventure last year with big sister at Children’s, and know that God will provide what we need when we need it.  We will be taking that (and a lot of other things) on faith.



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