Turkey in the Straw!

That always makes me think of the ‘Beef, it’s what’s for dinner’ commercial.  Funny how they would chose a song with that title…

We, however do have a turkey in the straw.  We have three Royal Palms (ALBC link here) that are more pets than food.  “Duke” and “Earl” have been with us for some time now (See T-day post from two years ago), and last fall, in an attempt to establish our own breeding flock, we purchased three  ‘hopeful hens’ from a great guy up in tulip country (Skagit Valley).  Two ended up being toms (who knew?)  but “Duchess” has been popular and although not as friendly as the boys, it’s nice to see a turkey who is a little more about business than showing off.  She started laying this spring as they days got a bit longer (next year we will take better farm notes) and would leave the eggs all over the pasture.  They are a bit bigger than a chicken egg, with a bit more of a goose flavor (our Turkeys eat lots of grass).  I had been gathering them so the crows wouldn’t get any ideas, but when she started getting some consistency in her drop zone, I began pushing them into one spot.  She ended up picking a corner of the old loafing shed for her nest, and last time she was off them I counted 14.

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago, and for the past 14 days or so, she hasn’t been off the eggs for more than a drink of water and a bit of grass and feed.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and the funny part?  We weren’t sure if she was going to start sitting on the eggs, so Farmer J ordered up a batch of Royal Palms at the Country Store and as she pulled past the turkey run, saw Duchess sitting on the eggs for the first time…  I suppose that’s all well, as having a bigger gene pool can’t hurt.








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