Bee Update!

The girls are doing well!  Or at least they were when I poked my nose in on Saturday to see how they were before leaving to go shoot a wedding.  Although I think I need to do something about the plastic foundation that I have in the hives.  They don’t seem to be taking to it at all the way they did before.  In fact, they are drawing odd little burr or brace comb that’s gong to be a real bugger if I can’t address it…

I have been rendering wax in the house and I think I can possibly re-coat the old placticell with new wax and they will be more ‘useable’.  Till then, they are getting drawn comb…  My hopes are still high, Chesnut, Locust, blackberry and fire-weed.  And I’m keeping my eyes open for knot-weed…  For now, they are happy with my feed, and pollen from the dandy lions and the sun….



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