Human grazing that is.  I tried an early sowing of several “cold hardy” crops and the big winner was Pac Choi.  In fact, I can’t keep the kids out of it.  I finally relented and simply give them the OK to snack on it whenever they were playing outside.  They were just as devastating as the slugs, and a lot cuter.  The lettuce I planted at the same time is doing well and we have had some wonderful dinner salads with it.

Notice you can’t see any of the garden in the background?  Well, that’s because all that’s in is the garlic from last fall and the walking onions.  Hopefully by the time this hits the webs I will be running my tiller over the mulch I put down last fall…  We have seed potatoes that need a home and the weather looks like it’s finally turned.  And although I swore off them I might try tomatoes again…  The fool that I am.



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