Clip clip….

Another sign of spring…  The baby goats are doing well and it’s time to shear the pygoras…  This year we will probably keep the fleece though.  In the past it’s found its way to friends who spin, or felt, or both…  Although she’s got loads of plates spinning, with home schooling wrapping up for the year (or at least transitioning into a summer schedule) , as well as some other commitments winding down, she is hoping to have a little more time.  The fiber goats were her wish, and although some day she want’s to learn to spin, for now she is learning felting from her nephew and another pygora owner.  It looks like fun, but I’ll let that be her thing.  I ‘get’ to do the shearing, and it’s not that bad, with only three to do, it goes pretty fast.  The biggest ‘hassle’ is bumming a set of shears off a friend with more fiber animals than we have…  E-bay is starting to look pretty good…  I’m not sure when they are cuter, all fat and thick with wool, or clipped and tiny.  They look like they loose 50% of their body size when they get sheared.  Unless we manage to sell off a few of them I’m going to have more to shear next year though…

There is more to come!  We have a non-dairy goat milk to tell you about, as well as a little tiny bit of gardening, the exciting discovery of the strawberries that we though had been overrun by weeds, and the raspberries that are doing really well despite the waist high grass that is trying to kill them.  Oh and I almost forgot the chicken tractors.  They are some impressive little lawn mowers, and always excited when they see me as it means new grass/bugs/seeds, or as Joel Salatin says ‘expressing their chicken-ness’.

This might all take a back seat however.  The forcast is for 70’s and 80’s this weekend.  We might just drown in green if I don’t get on the mower and start shuffling goats out onto pasture…


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