Triple Play!

Saturday was wet…    Not like, soak you to the skin, but more the ‘if you can stay inside, it would be better’.  So I tried making cheese.  We’ve made yogurt before, but this time we re-used some of the yogurt to get the new batch started..  Success!  In fact, it seemed to culture faster, like in 1/3 of the time…  Then it was on to feta.  We are big fan’s of feta, on salad, eggs, and straight out of the package (when the little girls and I can get sneak it past mommy).  I used the book and ingredients from New England Cheese making.  The recipe said that the gallon of goat milk would yield about a pound of cheese.  We got 1lb 6oz…  And then I spotted the ‘what to do with whey’ section…  So we also have a strong half pound of ricotta.  We aren’t sure what we will do with that.  So here’s the fridge cam, at about 11:30 last night.

Here’s the whey separation.



2 thoughts on “Triple Play!

  1. Emily

    I follow Molly’s fiasco farm feta recipe. I keep it in gallon/ 1/2 gallon jars submerged in brine and I’ve kept it up to a year and a half. It just gets better and better.

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Thanks Emily! I think we will try that next time! The bits that are in the bottom of the container, in a little bit of the salty water, are the best!


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