14 years….

It’s been a lot longer than that.  Really.  A lot longer.  Like grade school.  So arguable more like three decades (ish).  Kind of hard to believe.  If it weren’t for the fact that the photos from 30 years ago look familiar to me….


You are my best friend.  My rock, and constant companion.  You challenge me to do better, you push me to find ways to improve everything from my parenting, to my faith to rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dish washer.  You are with me when I fail.  And I like that, cause you end up with me a lot!

You do so much more than care for my children (yes, I know they are yours too), you teach them, love them, sacrifice for them.  You worry about them when they seem ‘off’, and hardly sleep when they are sick, or if you think they are.  It’s almost annoying how much you love them.

You have such a heart for service, for others, for God and his Kingdom.  Your love of His creation reminds me that our job is not to make things as easy for us as possible, but to care for others.

I have no idea where then next year will take us, or the next ten, or 15,  but I know you will be next to me, cause I’m going to be next to you.

The past…

I remember her like this…  Grade school, and singing with my next door neighbor.  Bottom row, Joscelyn’s on the right,

(and BFF) on the left, cute girls huh?

Colledge Freshman!  Ahh, the sunflowers…  And animals.

Here they are again!  (So, no I didn’t marry the girl next door, I married her best friend, no offense Em, but I totally scored!)

One of our big trips as a married couple was to Emily’s wedding in NYC.

Last year.  Dinner out.  No kids.  Paradise, with my wife.



7 thoughts on “14 years….

  1. angela

    you guys have such an amazing story. I remember when you and Emily lived down the street from me!


  2. joscelyns

    Wow, I don’t know what to say! Thank you sweetheart! Your words are a gift, especially because you are so good at backing them up with your actions. That is rare and wonderful, so thank you for being a man of integrity. Your love, care, and support help to build me up and allow me to grow into the woman that God wants me to be. You work so hard to provide for our family, both physically and spiritually. I am so proud of the little boy that I knew so many years ago that has become a man of such strong faith and goodness. You have overcome some tremendous challenges and come out the better for it! I love you so much & pray that God gives us many more years together to enjoy just being together! I’m especially looking froward to Friday because it will just be the two of us!!! As much as I love our girls, and I know you do too, it is a blessing to spend uninterrupted time in conversation & making goo goo eyes at each other. Until then…I love you and any time I get to spend with you; even though tonight that will probably mean nursing our sick little one and parenting our challenging 6 year old while trying to make dinner, clean-up, and do the farm chores!

  3. Jenni

    So sweet! You two are blessed to have found each other. Jossy was shown so much love from her parents, she just has to pass it on to her babies. You’ve both turned out to be wonderful parents and a great couple. Happy Anniversary!


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