The 4th of July! Or.. “how deep a mother’s love…”

There is a hymn about the father’s love for us…  Seeing my wife’s toes last weekend I though of how deep her love is for her girls.  Our eldest wanted to paint her toes.  To give her a ‘special spa day’.  For a first try, I think she did OK!  I was happy to help with some touch up.  And with the 4th just around the corner, a ‘re-do’ was easy to explain.




The girls picked their color scheme.  Almost as cute, watching the two year old almost walk into walls as she admired her toes.



8 thoughts on “The 4th of July! Or.. “how deep a mother’s love…”

  1. Camilla Blue

    I remember the first time I painted my girls’ toes. They couldn’t get their eyes off their feet and were unable to do anything else at all, all day! It has never occurred to me to allow my girls to touch my one bottle of nail polish. J’s love is very deep indeed!!

  2. joscelyns

    Thanks for all the comments ladies! I proudly wore my purple toes for 2 days! Adam was a little vague with his post, so I want to clarify and give him the credit for his artistry. Adam was the one that painted all of our toes red, white, and blue! He is a talented fellow and a very loving husband and father! Thanks honey!


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