New Baby. ((gasp))

Goat.  Had ya for a second there though didn’t I!?!  At the moment she’s so new she doesn’t have a name.  What she does have however is a heart for people that is going to give our Golden Retriever a run for his money.  She’s a bottle baby in the worst way.  We are mom and dad.  No if and’s or maa’s!  For now it’s ‘baby’ or ‘goose’ or ‘bubble dot’ or ‘map’ or ‘marble’ or ‘baby goot’…  depending on who you ask.  We will let you know once she tells us what her name is.  With her arrival we are moving away from the ‘fun but we don’t use it much’ fiber goats into the utility of a dairy goat.  Nubians are large, people friendly goats with long drooping ears.  Originating in Africa, they were refined in Brittan and brought to the USA after the turn of the century.  Although most folks can’t get past their drooping ears, I love their nose.  That large roman nose.  We did have to make room for her.  As sad as it is to see a friend leave, Legato and Solo went to live with a wonderful family from the Woodinville area.  They will be missed, but we know they went to a great home!

She is only about 45# at the moment, hopefully she’ll put on the extra 30# she needs by fall to be freshened.

She follows us everywhere.  I can walk all the way out to get the mail and back and she stays closer than any of our dogs…



5 thoughts on “New Baby. ((gasp))

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      I like it! I think it’s going to end up being a case of convincing the big girl that ‘bubble dot’ is not really a name a goat can grow into…


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