New Friends! (about 10,000 of them)

I won’t recount the entire conversation, but the basic gist was ‘there is a swarm in Stanwood, and dinner is a t 6pm, and I don’t think you have enough time for both’ versus ‘a swarm is a awesome opportunity! (although we won’t know till we’ve soaked about $60 in sugar into it, not to mention tying up equipment and the 6-12 hours of time to manage it till spring….) and it would be fun!’

So the wonderful farmer J said “fine, just don’t fall off the ladder” with the same intonations as she might tell our eldest that she could go play in the rain, but wold be doing her own laundry..  Awesome!

The swarm was about 14′ off the ground over a sidewalk, and I could ‘just’ reach the branch with the loppers.  I managed to get them down, and shaken into an empty hive body.  A few bees ended up back on the stub of a branch and after things had mellowed out, I clipped that off and tossed it in the hive as well.  top screen and entrance screen and home I went!

I put a hive top feeder on the colony with about half a gallon of sugar water, and will open the entrance later today, once they have decided to stick around…  I’ll update as things progress, although I’ve caught swarms before, I have seldom had much success in keeping them at home (anyone out there with any tips?).  I’ll do some reading tonight and hopefully improve my success…

That’s about four pounds of bees!


10 thoughts on “New Friends! (about 10,000 of them)

  1. Donna @ Comin Home

    Wow are just a fantastic photographer!! Stunning!! I’ve seen a swarm like that..and the neighbor boys were throwing rocks at it. Which I promptly stopped of course. Visions of Pooh were running through my head..LoL! We called a guy to come get the swarm. It was near our front yard and the kids were all little then. Andrew was fascinated of course. He’s our ‘bug’ guy..or should I say used to be. You guys are all grown up now..sniff…

    Donna (Rodgers)

    PS. I didn’t know you had a blog..I do too! We have photos of our seven acres. I did a photo ‘tour’ recently. My photography skills are improving but I have little ‘natural’ talent. You are fantastic!

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Thanks for the complements, I love communicating visually, telling stories and sharing how i ‘see’ things.

      Swarms are really cool! I wore the bee suit because I had to cut the branch over my head with the swarm on it and didn’t want to end up with a bunch down my shirt if the let go. I wasn’t so worried about getting stung (swarms are super docile), and unless the bees have brood to protect, tend to be pretty laid back.

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      So far so good! In fact, the swarm is so big I need to add a 2nd super. They are bearding on the front in just a single deep, hopefully the weather cooperates and I can dig into them and see if they are drawing comb soon!!


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