Dexters come to Stanwood!!!

We have some new neighbors!  Finally, someone around here newer than we are!  They actually live about 3 minuites away, and bought an old alpaca farm next to some really good friends.  They also have kids (about the same age) and it’s been loads of fun to get to know them.  Among other things, they have brought Dexter cattle with them (info, more info)!  Two little steers and two heffers (I might have the ages wrong on this though).  They are planning on milking, and I believe eventually butchering (If the herd gets large enough).  I managed to be on site when the arrived via hauler from Oklahoma.  They seem to like it and were very impressed with the grass.  And yes, they are small.  Not really miniture, but they sure aren’t a Hereford.



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