On farm foraging… Salmon Berry…

We are not a factory farm.  We have lots of ‘buffers’ around the creek, pond, and in the middle of the fields too!  I think buffer is a nice way to say ‘area that’s out of control’.  Granted there are some areas that need a buffer, to keep them ‘native critter friendly’, but mostly, on our farm, they are just places we don’t want to waste the gas to cut the grass, and our grazing heard just isn’t that big.  Yet.

One of the ‘native’ plants that is thick in the buffers around here are Salmon Berry.  Or Rubus spectabilis.  They range in color when ripe from yellow, to deep red or almost purple.  You have to be on the ball though.  Like raspberry’s they tend to slip off their receptacle very easily when fully ripe.  In some places you also race the birds, but with an orchard full of cherry trees, the birds tend to ignore the Salmon Berry’s.  Last year I picked enough for a small batch of jam (it turned out pretty good, although I should have strained the seeds…)  They are almost all gone now…  Just a few here and there to tempt us.



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