“the missing frame” or beekeeperfail….

Just a quick pic from the ol mobile phone, and description….

Those on FB will have seen this already, but to describe it a bit more..  I have a hive at a friends house, near the farm, but close to some better nectar sources…  One of the frames in the bottom super was all torn up, so I had pulled it, with the intention of returning and dropping in a replacement…  And life happened and about a week went by.  When I pulled it out the bees had moved on without me.  As in, had pulled down comb and ‘replaced’ the frame.  I was able to salvage it though.  I used an old empty frame, and some wire to wire the ‘home drawn’ comb into a frame.  (for what it’s worth it’s a state requirement that bees be kept in hives with moveable frames so they can be inspected for disease, so in some ways I HAD to do something).

Bees still amaze me.

Edit: the bees moved on as in, they kept working.  They are still in the hive and doing well, all that honey comb in the photo above is proof of that!



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