August.  Hot (finally), busy and filled with fun.  Aaaaa as in, fall is coming and there is still lots to do!  I always know it’s getting on toward fall when I carry a stick with me in the mornings.  It’s either that, or I walk around like a blind person, with one hand stretched out in front of me.  It’s the spiders.  It’s about this time of year, all the little ones have learned to build webs, and have our place festooned with them.  Face fulls of buggy spider webs are not a fun way to start the day..

We have produce coming in as well, loads of beans and peas, the potatoes look like they are ready to dig (really?) and the garlic is overdue.  Blackberries are getting heavy, and the second fruiting from the yellow raspberries are starting to look promising.   We have some cooking apples in the orchard that need some saucing, and I am trying to figure out when we will go pick up our hay.  And then there are the fall veggies to get in.  I have big plans (Broccoli, Pac Choi, Spinach, Basil, Carrots, Beets) and they include a hoop house.  Like I said, big plans (I don’t think I’ll really have the time for it, but I have a hope).

I have all the downed wood from last winter split (thanks to the brother in law) and stacked in the shed.  I still have about 2 cords to finish from this summer and we’ll be snug for the coldnwet.  The spent layers are going into the freezer this weekend, and turkeys are scheduled for November 12th (We have a waiting list if you are interested in one).

So there isn’t much time here, between work, finishing up some client work, and the farm, well, the blog tends to slip a bit…  So here’s something to cool you off (not that you need it if you live in the PNW, but others might find it refreshing, I hear it’s been hot in a few places…)  It’s the last week of swim lessons for big sister (aka ‘the fish’) and it’s going to be nice to not have to keep the littlest farmer out of the pool while big sis has fun…



2 thoughts on “AAaaaaaaaaaugust…

  1. Angie D

    we’re digging up our potatoes right now. just enough to eat, because I don’t have time to harvest them all. I’m afraid to see if the beans are ready, but that’s my job tomorrow. applesauce was last week. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. it is august, busiest and most expensive month of the year on our homeschooling 4Hing farm!

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      I year you there! I ran out and got our little bit of garlic dug up tonight! Had to get it drying in the shed before the tops are so far gone, we can’t find the bottoms!! I still have to get ready for Sunday (chicken processing) and move bees….


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