Happy Pumpkin Day!

Yep, we do it.  We get the kids all dressed up and teach them to beg candy from strangers.  Yikes!  It really is just one small blip on the radar of our holidays.  From now till the 2012 kick off, it’s going to be a race.  Halloween is typically the cut off day for us.  With the exception of ‘turkey transition day’ the rest of the fall and winter chores are done.  We have quarts and quarts of apple sauce, salsa, beans, tomatoes, ketchup, jam, pears, relish, pickles and I can’t even think of the other foods…  Not to mention that the freezer is packed.  I don’t think I could squeeze a frozen cherry tomato in there.  Fire wood is up, garden is mostly put to bed (or winterized for cold season crops) and with the exception of freeze protected waterers the critters are mostly good to go.

And so we load up, in boots, and head to the local pumpkin patch.  Frolic in the sun, drink the cider, and get lost in the corn maze.  Picking pumpkins is almost an afterthought.

Hurry! The perfect Pumpkin might get away!!

I know you can see the exit from here, but you have to stay on the path!

It’s only kind of muddy…  Kind of…

There is some satisfaction found in launching tiny gourds downrange at ghost like targets…

Assistance from a spotter is optional, but highly recommended.



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