4H for fun!

We’ve been at this farming thing for some time now…

As we walked through the fairs that we frequent in late summer, we kept hearing a repeating line “mommy/daddy I want to show one of our animals”.  Even when a young steer bolted straight at us in Sylvana, sending the 65# handler flying like a rag doll, she still stuck to her guns.  Although she’s thinking that for this first year she’ll show one of our chickens.

And that brings us to 4H!  Although you can show animals at fairs without 4H involvement, given out home school bent, and the opportunity to have her involved in ‘extracurricular’ activities, we hopped on board.  It was a ‘girls night out’ for her and mommy the first two meetings (and I just hate having one on one time with my little one 😉 so it worked out great).  This last week though, given some family illnesses I got to take her.  There is a wonderful air of ‘organized informality’ to it, with the older kids running the show.  This last week was elections (see below) and then meeting in the different groups (chickens, goats and camelids) to discuss goals and other things of note.  It was cool to see the older kids leading the evening.  Only a couple of times did parent’s even chime in, and typically only to direct an idea or discussion back on track.  It also struck me that most of the kids running/elected to the various positions were also members of FBLA.

So, here are a few quick shots of the voting (other than this I was too busy to hold the camera)

Little people practicing democracy!

The anonymous foot shot strikes again!  I’ve got the OK from some parents to post recognizable photos of their kids…  If I get 100% then the pictures will be more fun next time.  Kids are always fun.



4 thoughts on “4H for fun!

    1. adalynfarm

      Funny huh? (oh that’s so phunny!) Somehow Michelle I can see that. I thought it was funny how many wanted to be photographer. Probably because they don’t want to be in front of the camera!


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