‘The Hills Are Alive’ with the sound of buzzing…

Its awesome to be part of a community.  Kind of like a click at school, but better.  If I know folks who are ‘into’ one thing or another, and I hear something or see something interesting about that, I like to touch base with them to make sure they know about it.  And folks do the same for me.  It’s so cool!  A fellow beekeeper in the area took a family vacation to Austria this summer, and as he is into bees, noticed a bee house.  He managed to get a private tour, of this hobbyist bee keeper’s set up, and he took loads of pictures.  When he got back, he was excited to share the photos with me, and gave me the green light to post them here.

We haven’t had a chance to sit down with the photos in front of us, so I still have some questions about the set up.  He did say that the hives are all built into the side of the building, and that he works them from within.  Cool stuff!!  Looks like a beautiful place to live as well…

I’ll update with captions if I am able to get some of the parts identified!



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