Gobbled up!

Gone again.  The leftovers didn’t hold over as long as I had hoped.  Oh well.  The carcase, along with some chicken parts, are waiting in the freezer to be made into stock.  I hope to post the process we use here (as it will be our first time making chicken stock).  For some reason we have always made soup out of the old hens and turkeys….  This year we still have left overs from last year (with turkeys in the freezer still).

Here’s what we did for the rest of the weekend.  Big trip to the city to watch them light up down town Seattle.  Christmas tree hunting, and a baptism!  Full weekend!


It’s all a accelerating downhill run from here!



2 thoughts on “Gobbled up!

    1. adalynfarm

      Angie, the puddle is a kids dream! It’s a moving ‘river’ that flows over some tile outside McCaw hall, it comes out of a low bench, flows for 20′ or so, and then goes down into a grate, it’s about 150′ wide, and about 1/4″ deep, perfect for splashing in, and having leaf races… The light is really cool too.. The trick is to keep them out of it while we head downtown, otherwise they are wet and cold all night long!


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