You have the power to do something about food labeling.

Would you want to know if peanuts were in the meal you were about to enjoy?  Probably if you were allergic.  Otherwise, maybe not.  But what if it was something else.  A man-made ‘something’ that could do you and your future children great harm?  Something that most of the other developed countries (Canada,  most of Europe, and Japan too I think) don’t allow, and in fact are thinking of banning US imports of food stuffs due to its prevalent, unlabeled presence in the US food supply.

I’m talking about GMO’s.  Plants that have had the DNA from other plants and animals spliced into their code to some ‘greater purpose’.  Currently there is little to no labeling requirements for GMO foods.  By definition “Organic” food cannot contain GMO’s, but other than that, all bets are off.  Up until now the government has not required companies to label their food when it contains GMO products or by-products.  Fruits, vegetables, sweeteners, fiber additives, anything with corn or soy, (and as these last two are fed to cattle) meats and dairy are all allowed to contain GMO’s without labeling.

There is a Bill due to be voted on that will require labeling of GMO foods.  There is more information here:  If you want this bill to be passed so that we know what is in our food, write to your state representatives.

If your knowledge of GMO’s doesn’t scare you enough, take a look at the following article.  Especially if you or anyone you know has any type of intestinal issues (Crones, IBS, Diverticulitis…), auto-immune diseases (Crohn’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis…) or allergies.  Oh, and for what it’s worth, farmer J started having her lower GI issues in late 1996….  Read to the end of the article to see why this is a big deal…


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