Soul Sister…

So.  The hoop house isn’t done.  Not even close.  I think she felt left out, and I suppose that’s not all her fault.  Last April we spent some quality time at Skagit Valley Hospital.  So she decided to give their spa services a shot.  Twice.  For a total of over three weeks (and counting).

I am in truth making light of what’s been a rather gnarly few weeks.  I’ll spare you all the details, as they involve gastric issues similar to what my dear sweet wife has gone through.  And it’s her sister, so there is that stress, added to it their three kids (all home schooled as well), and the crazy work schedule that my brother in law has.  It’s been kind of  ‘all hands on deck’ and with the support of the community around us we are making it all work.

She seems to be on the upswing now, thank goodness, after having things done to her that I though they stopped after the Spanish Inquisition.  In some ways it’s been really great, I’ve had loads of time with my nephews, had practice cooking for a family of 7 or 8, trying to pick up the loose ends (read: wow my wife does a lot when I am at work!) and enjoying some truly entertaining texts with a highly medicated individual.  For her sake I am hoping she’s home soon.  For my sake I hope she’s home soon too.  She really is the big sister I always wanted when I was growing up.  She came as a bonus when I got married, lucky guy that I am.

Come home soon!



5 thoughts on “Soul Sister…

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      We will, Thanks Cami! At the moment meals are probably going to be the biggest single thing (cause it means whoever is bringing the food not only cooked it but took the time to go shopping too!)


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