From another farming/food blogger…

Orchard and Ocean
Farm and Field
We thank the Lord for all the yield
For soil and for water
Flower and seed,
We’re thankful in though, word and deed.

And from another random Google search…

We Give Thee Thanks
Tune: White Coral Bells

We give Thee thanks for all that we’re to share, *
Grant us peace and harmony Lord hear our prayer.
We give Thee thanks for all we’ve learned today.
Help us now to spread your word along the way.

We Thank Thee Father
Tune: Hernando’s Hideaway by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross, ©1954

We thank thee Father, for thy care
And for they bounty everywhere,
For this and every other gift,
Our grateful hearts to thee we lift.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Grace

Tune: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah by Allie Wrubel, 1945

Zip a dee do dah, Zip a dee ay,
I am grateful for God’s blessings today.
I’ve plenty to eat, to drink and to share,
I sit at God’s table and see love everywhere.

Wayfarer’s Grace (Alabemos al Señor)
music by G. C. E. Ryley
Other Tunes: Doxology, “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”
OR”For The Beauty of the Earth” by M. Elizabeth Worsfold

For all the glory of the way,
For Thy protection, night and day.
For roof, tree, fire and bed and board,
For friends and home, we thank Thee, Lord.


Alabemos al Senor.
Demos le gracias al Hacedor;
Por el hogar y la amistad,
Gracias, Senor, Aleluya.


Pour la beautè de nos chemins,
Pour aujourdhui et pour demain,
Et pour ce pain que nous mangeons,
Pour nos amis, nous Te louons.


Für diesen Tag den Du gemacht
Für Deinen Schutz bei Tag und Nacht
Für Obdach, Wärme, Ruh und Brot,
Für alles sei Dir Dank, O Gott.

I can take no credit for any of these, nor the grace we say before we bend elbow at our table.  But thought some folks out there might enjoy some of these.



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