We are trying something new on the farm this year. Sheet mulch. I saved a bunch of boxes from work, and although we don’t read the paper, a co-worker saved some for us. The area by the hoop house will be for squash, gourds and such. What you don’t see is the deep pile of half rotten hay from a wet round bale we had. Once the weather is better the zucchini, acorn squash, pumpkin, hubbard and other winter squash will go in.

The beans and potatoes (coming in another post) went in today as well. Summer is coming!!!

Baby chicks went into the deck brooder today as well. Ah peace and quiet in the house again.


3 thoughts on “Sheetmulch!

  1. Angie D

    Will you tear holes in the cardboard, then plant? How about the hay? Same thing? We left 2 beds untilled because the mulch kept the weeds downs pretty well, but had to till the main garden. We are hoping to mulch the rows and hills of the main garden as well…

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Yes. Last year I did my gourds in deep mulch and it did wonders for the weeds. Like none. In fact, I didn’t get my garlic in last fall, but finally got to it about three weeks ago. I just pulled back the top layer of hay and vines and planted the garlic. Then I re-mulched with the ‘thatch’ from the chickens in the hoop house and they are up about 10″. Happiness!!


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