All sideways

Goats are fun.  And funny.  Especially the little ones.  I think the ears are part of the personality too.  Daisy is as goofy as JarJar Binks, and has the attention span of a 2 year old on a sugar rush.  But I need to be careful, cause I keep thinking ‘she’s acting how I feel’.  She are her ‘sister’ Beauty are growing like a couple of well watered weeds (between the two of them almost 4 quarts a milk a day).  I can’t wait till they are weaned (not that I don’t enjoy being a goat jungle gym at 5:30 am during feeding time) as I have cheese, yogert and other goodies finally within my grasp.  Almost.

For now, I get to enjoy the kind of acrobatics that only a long legged, hyper active two month old goat can provide…

And then there is our little ‘Beauty’ practicing for this summer with her proud owner.

More to come….



8 thoughts on “All sideways

  1. Elaine

    Love those kids…….. And, yes, the ears add a lot to their character. I like the kid in the pink tee shirt the best (The Open Gate Farm tee) <3. Mom

  2. Angie D

    The third picture is hilarious! It’s like she’s trying with all her might to be a goat with ears that stand up…kind of like a pygora! 🙂 She’s adorable!

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      The downside for her, is that when they drop back down, the smack her in the eyes. It sounds like someone clapping when she runs, because her ears smack around so much!


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