How does our garden grow (so far).

Slower than I want.  Seems like it’s about two weeks behind this year, and it didn’t help my frame of mind that while we were in Costa Mesa (70-80 daytime high) it froze here and set back some cole crops, as well as nuking my beans.  We’ll the 2nd planting is coming up, and so is almost everything else.  Tomatoes are about to get planted into the hoop house, along with some other odds and ends.  I’m also looking to get some more beds prepped, and planted over the next few days.  We’ll see about all that though, as it seems the March rains are back.

Background on the photos…  In the first pic of the potatoes, you can see what’s left of the moldy round bale that hasn’t gone down as mulch, and the chicken tractor as it slowly makes it’s way out to the field (they have to start close to the house and power for a few days till we are sure the babies are transitioned out of the full enclosure of the deck brooder).  Then the spinach that went in some time in March.  Beans and peas, garlic was February this year (looks like they are not suffering from having spend the winter in the shed, not the ground) and the carrots that went in about 3 weeks ago.  And the weeds.  Just a few, for aesthetics.

There are summer and winter squash, lettuce, beets, some herbs, kale, broccoli and other cole crops too…



One thought on “How does our garden grow (so far).

  1. Angie D

    My garden grows weeds best of all! I’ve been too embarrassed to share photos on my blog. We’ve been mulching with grass clippings between rows, so it’s slowly shaping up at least. Maybe I’ll be brave enough this weekend to take a few pictures. You guys have a great garden!


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