A good sign.

The weather today was perfect for weeding. Was. Perfect. And that was a good thing as I’ve been gone for almost two weeks, and it was about time to find the beets and carrots. Now it’s pouring, and I still have some items to take care of outside. I guess its just one of those days when my work cloths get pre-rinsed.

I was excited to see this when I headed into the garden this morning. Potato flowers mean the potato tubers are starting to set. You can also tell what colour the potatoes are by the colour of the bloom. So although I didn’t make any notes about where I put what, if I wanted some baby spuds in a few weeks, I’d get purple here. (I assume the bloom colour thing is true, I know it is for the 5 or 6 varieties we grow.

Anyone else out there gardening in the rain?


3 thoughts on “A good sign.

  1. Angie D

    we had some flowers surprise us today on our potatoes too. πŸ™‚ the weeds are also happily gigantic. maybe we’ll find the garden plants again…

  2. Elaine

    Yes, we were weeding in the rain… until it became a Michigan rain storm!!!! Then went back out when it stopped and had a great time weeding the blueberries…. we can see them now πŸ˜‰


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