Is any body home?

I suppose there have been a few mobile blog posts over the past two and a half months.  I realized in the begining of June, that our summer schedule was going to push some things off my plate.  Blogging, sadly was one of them.  Well, blogging the way I want to blog.  Image heavy, subjects to include life, and how to, how we, (and how not ie please learn from our mistakes) and other tidbits that I think may be of interest to others out there with hobby farms, or who have an interest in local food, and eating the highest quality food they can afford to get their hands on.  I think that just changed.

We are now in the wonderful race to the first frost, thing aren’t growing so much as ripening.  The barn is 3/4+ full of hay, and we are almost done with babies (critters).  Homeschooling starts up next week and life will hopefully settle into that routine again.

I plan on bringing you all up to date though, cause it’s been a great summer.  And what better way to enjoy the change of seasons than to look back at the one we just experienced.  So I’ll be posting with the date applicable for the post, but sprinkling in some ‘real time’ posts as well.

So till later, here’s our barn, with a little bit of fresh cut hay in the door, and some ready to be cut in the fore ground.



2 thoughts on “Is any body home?

    1. adalynfarm

      LetMBee- We have 5 acres, some of which is along a salmon stream, so we can’t do much more thank look at it, bu the bulk of it is level, and with a slight East North East slope and cleared. Now if the neighbors would just let their blackberries run wild, my bees would have more to eat!


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