Farming Friends…

It used to be that you only knew the farmers in your area.  The folks you saw at the feed store, bought stock from, or haggled with at auction.  Al Gore’s internet changed all that.  Now we can look over the shoulder of a game keepers wife in England (British Farm Blog link in sidebar), and follow some of the day to day action of folks like Joel Salatin.  Yes, it can be cool.  The problem comes when you try to apply practices that work great in North Carolina, in the Stillaquamish river valley.  Some things are universal, some things aren’t.  That’s why I get excited by folks like Elliot Coleman (farmed in Maine, similar to our weather), and Throwback at Trapper Creek (link in sidebar) a farmer in the Willamate valley (very similar to our climate).

So I was excited to find Chicken Thistle Farm this summer.  Not only is their weather (during the growing season) similar to ours, but they have done weekly podcasts all year long.  They have egg hens, pastured meat chickens, turkeys and pigs!  Lots of overlap! (and we are thinking of doing a pig for ourselves next year)  They also have full time off farm jobs, and talk about how that fits in, and how it affects the farm.  Kelli is a professor at a local collage, with a PhD in Microbiology, which makes some of the ‘sciency’ stuff educational, and accurate (she’s obsessed with animal care, and understanding the why, with information gleaned from peer reviewed articles, not just internet forums and blogs).  They make me think of Farmer Joscelyn and myself…  To hilarity.  So, check them out, I’m all caught up on the pod casts, and the information we have gleaned from their experience with their CSA, and pastured poultry, will be a big part of our ‘farm meeting’ this fall.  Here is the link to their blog:

Check them out!  And let them know


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