June is great!  This year, in addition to our usual farm stuff, we got to go on a vacation, with a farm sitter and everything.  The Oregon coast, Tillamook, and points North…


Checking out the werck in Astoria…

Cheese making at Tillamook.  Our favorite cheese (besides our own).

Little feet following big ones…  It reminds me to be careful how I tread.  Even things as simple as where and how we spend our money, we are not only setting an example for our children, but for those without kids, the way you spend your resources, moves industry.  Yep, you might not carea about BPA plastics, but if you make a consious decision to avoide such items, industry (and our american economic landscape) will shift.  We have the power, it’s in the decisions we make, and what we do with our resources (did I already say that?)  Notice that more and more big box stores are launching their own Orgaic lables?  They are doing that because their custiomers are putting their dime in that jar.   Yes, that’s righ, you did that.



4 thoughts on “June.

  1. LetMBee

    We might take the number of that farm sitter…. !!! Travel expenses and everything. Congrats on getting a vacation. My family doesn’t know what those are except when I go away for a week or two to kill a big game animal or catch a bunch of Salmon.

    I have been selling a lot of honey since extraction time. Twenty five pounds in one day (while at work) this week. People are beginning to see the light. I hope it continues.

    Congrats on getting a vacation.

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Thanks! And congratulations on the honey sales! We sold out last night, much to the dismay of several folks who had gotten several pounds, used a bunch and wanted more… I think there is a lesson in there about how things should be, not what we as Americans have come to expect… They are all looking forward to next year (as are we). Our farm sitter was great! She was booked for the second short weekend we had planned, and ended up getting in touch with another gal from a big farming family in the area, she was GREAT!

      I’m lucky enough to have the salmon in our backyard (literally, although by the time they make it this far, they look a bit like fire trucks), and I missed the deadline for going with a friend for some big game, so I think we are done with the vacationing for this year.


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