July was a lot of work, starting with the Haying, then fair, then haying.  And more haying….  But here’s the first of two fairs our eldest showed her goats at.  She had some real hurdles to overcome, but came through better for it…  Even after the ‘rodeo’ she still said that she wanted to do it again next year.  That’s our girl!

Setup is up to the kids.

She has a lot of support, everyone in this shot was there to see her (well, all but the older couple in the middle)

“reigning it in” after the breakaway…

All done!  Marbles got to go to the second fair, but was there as company for the babies…



4 thoughts on “July.

  1. Michelle Canfield

    So cute in her show whites! Good for her for handling a goat nearly as tall as she is! 🙂 She’s got the good farm muscle goin’ on!

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Thanks Michelle! She’s already working with her little Nigerian Dwarf for next year. (she also wants to show a chicken and rabbit, we’ll see about that)


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