First frost, and optimism.

It’s happened. First frost. It looks like the dahlias might pull through this one, but their time is limited.  The summer squash in the garden may not be so lucky. But I have hope for at least one last batch of grilled zukes.

I’ve been told that I have an overdeveloped sense of optimism. I think it comes in handy in farming. I also tend to be most excited about what we are in the middle of, with a close second being what we are about to start. That said at the moment I am loving the fall. Although the earlyish frost is a bit of a damper, the weather that had brought it on has been lovely, with clear sunny days and clear starry nights.  I am also looking forward to the fall proper. Wood stove hot to keep us warm, soup on the stove, weather that encourages us to get caught up on record keeping, and prepare for the holidays.

I hope this seasonal transition finds you well, with good people and good food all around you. And a sense of hope for what is to come.



2 thoughts on “First frost, and optimism.

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