A hopping good time…

“Stop Adam!”  I should know better…  After all these years.  My wife has a special sixth sense for animals.  You might not believe me, but I know there is at least one other farmer out there who seems to know there is a problem before it even starts.  It usually works out OK.  For the animal.  We even got a kitten out of the deal (oh joy never-ending)…  This time, driving home, it was a frog…

So, meet Jeraminah.  She’s an American Bullfrog.  And considered a non-native, invasive species locally, as she will eat anything that fits in her mouth.  Including our native chorus frogs.  So the DNR/WSFW say to eat/kill them, as they are a threat to the local frog populations.  You can imagine how well that went over.  So, Jeraminah lived for a few days in our shower, while we er, Farmer Joscelyn found a rescue who would certify her disease free, and then ship her to Miami, to be re-introduced there.

The other winners here were the little farmers, used to catching the little tree frogs, something the size of a kitten was, well, just look at her smile.  It’s Christmas.  In June!

So if you happen to find one of these lovely gals, get in touch with www.justfrogs.com they are in Edmonds, and have lots of fun stuff to look at.



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